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My favourite tools

… which may become your favourites!!

Over the years, I get asked a lot of questions about the best way to work and stay organised. I’m often asked about digital tools and what can be used to help with maintaining a productive workflow.
So, I’ve comprised a list of some of my favourite tools, along with some newbies that I’m roadtesting. I’ll be updating this list so be sure to check back!


Probably the best organisational note-taker ever!

Notes… Capturing random thoughts… Sorting projects into neat folders… Audio recordings… Even shopping lists… and it all syncs to my mobile device too! I’ve been using Evernote for 8 years – it is a game-changer for getting organised.


Keep track of your work progress!

This is a neat little tool that helps me to stay focused while I am working on projects and gives me a rundown of what I’ve accomplished over a certain period. I can also sometimes descend into overworking, so it also helps remind me when I need to take a break too.

WhatsApp Business

Take WhatsApp to the next level

Using this version of WhatsApp is much better for managing communication with prospective clients. You can also do neat things like display business services in categories, flag conversations for follow-up and create auto-responders. A very good upgrade if you have a lot of clients that communicate with you via WhatsApp.


A secure method for storing and managing passwords

My business involves creating and storing passwords for my clients. So, writing them down on a post-it note isn’t something I can afford to do! Using a password vault like LastPass not only gives me security, but also speed when I need to access passwords quickly.

Password Pusher

Quick password encryption

This is a great app for quickly encrypting passwords, especially if you need to share via email. It provides a secure link for the password that can be set to expire after a certain duration or if accessed a certain amount of times. This is perfect for those situations where you have lengthy email trails.


Convert your files into almost any format

Ever been in a situation where you’ve downloaded a file from a website, but can’t open it because you don’t have the right software on your device? You’re going to love this then!

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Vernette John-Joiles

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